Kindred Photography LLC | September Feature Wedding


This month we are featuring childhood sweethearts Phil & Ashley's wedding! 

"Phil and I have known each other our whole lives.  In the sixth grade we used to walk to CCD class at the church after school. On the way was burditt hill market and everyone would stop there to get candy. We sat next to each other because our last names were close alphabetically . For some reason we started trading candy. Every week  I would  buy blue sharks and he would buy razzles and we would trade every class.  I had the biggest crush on him.  We really started "dating" in the eighth grade. Not sure what dating when you're 13 really means but we've been together ever since.  I think I always knew I would be with him.  He sat next to me on the first day of eight grade because he wanted to be close to his friend but not close enough to get in trouble. And I'm so grateful he did.   He went to a different high school for two years and then came back to the same public school I went to for junior and senior year.  We graduated and went to separate colleges. I went to school in Rhode Island and he went to Staten Island.  After college I lived in Boston for a bit and he finished school in Ma.  Six months after graduation I moved to Texas and he came once he finished school.  We finally lived together for six months until he enlisted into the Army.  He has been in the military for two years now and we are finally moving into our first home together next month!  We can't wait !   It's been a long time of being apart - Before we got married we celebrated twelve years of dating.  We make each other better people and when he is around I'm the best version of me.  Our wedding day was amazing !  We just wanted everyone to have a good time and we think they did! Our families had been waiting a long time for that day! Even though it's just our beginning :) " - Ashley